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If My Nose Could Talk: A Children's Book

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"Why am I here?"

Well, I've written and illustrated a book that I hope to publish. On February 26th, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to fund the publishing costs. I hope to gain your support!

Click the slideshow below to find out more about my book!


If My Nose Could Talk is a whimsical and quite hilarious book about a little girl who is contemplating all the different things her nose might say (and do) if it could talk.    




As a young adult, I was completely taken by the English language and I spent years and years writing poetry. This book started out as a poem that I wrote in my late teens. Over the years I have become extremely passionate with regard to education, and I am now in a career that focuses on adult learning. This book gave me an opportunity to apply my passion to another passion of mine... my children (or educating children, in general). There has been nothing more exhilarating in my entire life than watching my 6 year old son and twin 4 year old daughters squeal with glee every time I completed another page of this book! 

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