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Mark Vogler -- For the past 3 years I have worked closely with Nicole as colleagues. Nicole is a solid professional who embraces her expertise in Instructional Design and adds the bonus of her strong interpersonal skills. Nicole is always looking to enhance how we perform, whether through adoption of Agile Methodologies, new tools, or new modalities. She takes the collaborative consultant approach, and really works with her stakeholders to understand their true needs and vision and ensures the development of those Educational resources deliver on those needs. She is a strong learner advocate and willingly supports the best solution for all parties.

Nicole stepped into the role of our University Dean when the University was at its weakest. Through her leadership and guidance, she has rebuilt the University from the ground up and has managed to marshal support from both management and individual contributors alike. Today, the University exceeds past efforts in every possible way. 

Nicole gives her all to every project, She is always willing to lend a hand to help a team member and I highly recommend her in any position regarding Education & Training.

Nicholas Cassone -- Nicole is someone who is truly inspiring to work with. She has a clear vision and goal in mind when it comes to building and consuming Education, and she is completely dedicated to her craft. As a leader of our internal Education University, her mission is to enable the employees of our company and bring out the best in all of us. Her passion for this goal shows true in every conversation that you have with her. 

When you hear Nicole lead team meetings, you believe deeply that she will do everything it takes to carry out her mission. You take on her passion as your own, and it inspires you to do great work. She is a passionate, innovative and creative leader who will stop at nothing to succeed. She would make a valuable addition to any organization. 

Sayantika Das -- I’ve had the pleasure to work closely with Nicole for 2 years on the development of CA Technologies' Corporate University -- Education University. As the Dean of Education University, Nicole has shown remarkable leadership capability through strong vision, collaboration at all level, planning and multi-tasking, effective communication, and timely execution of the program. Most importantly, she is extremely resilient and agile. Her strong instincts to eliminate barriers to bring behavioral change in learners makes her a true asset for any organization.


On a personal note, she values people around her and brings the best out of everyone.


I strongly and genuinely recommend Nicole for any position that requires instructional designing, curriculum development, program management, performance consulting and change management as she comes with innovative ideas and creative pursuits.

Timothy Dodd -- I met and worked with Nicole on a project designed to aid our team with consolidating information and updating old workflows.

Nicole was in charge of this group based upon her own personal initiative of finding a problem and suggesting a resolution.

I found her to be intelligent while being able to extract ideas and cooperation from geographically separated team members. She was always respectful while challenging the status quo. She earned the trust of her leadership team and coworkers based upon her ideas and work ethic.

Any group Nicole becomes a part of will see immediate benefit

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