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At Insegna Learning Solutions we are passionate about helping organizations create behavior changes that directly address their unique business objectives. We believe that training is only successful if LEARNING takes place, and if that learning is successfully applied on the job (Learning Transfer). We believe that learning is not only about creating excellent training content (which we are also committed to do), but that a complete learning experience is necessary to set a learner up for success. This is how we help organizations demonstrate measurable business results. 

Our instructional designers have more than 30 years of professional experience applying adult learning strategies and developing original course materials for effective classroom, online, virtual, and mobile delivery.  

At Insegna Learning Solutions we are committed to applying contemporary adult learning theories, instructional design strategies, and the newest authoring technologies to create a customized learning experience for your organization. We are also committed to guaranteeing the highest quality of our learning solutions by gathering and analyzing learner feedback on an ongoing basis to continually refine and improve our learning solutions. 

We specialize in the following industries: Technology (i.e. SaaS), Insurance, Health Science (Academia), Public Health Literacy, Automotive, Leadership Development. 

We are Multilingual and can work with English, Spanish, Hebrew, French, and Italian speaking clients.

Learning Solutions Consulting


Nicole Filippone

Founder, CEO, and Lead Instructional Design Consultant

I am a Corporate Educator with over 13 years of experience in learning and development. My passion is to INSPIRE learning and to see real behavior changes. Real learning = measurable results. 

I absolutely love what I do and can't wait to help you meet your organization's learning objectives!

Some credentials: I have a BA in Organizational Psychology, which helps me understand how people in Corporate America think, and an MA in English, which helps me excel as a content developer. I'm also a certified Kirkpatrick Professional. 

Giuseppe Filippone

Lead Graphic Designer and Instructional Design Consultant

I am a trained and practicing Industrial and Graphic Designer. My passion is in creating simple, yet compelling, visual content and products that provide intuitive, timeless, and engaging experiences for users across demographic groups. 

I strongly believe that a good user experience is at the core of the success of any project, and

I let that belief guide me in all the challenges I endeavor to solve. 

I have a BS degree in Industrial Design from Art Center and a BA in Fine Art from Cooper Union.


Robin Katz

Instructional Design Consultant

I am an instructional designer with over 20 years of experience in L&D. I design interactive courses and training modules by building on my extensive Occupational Therapy experience in activity analysis. Over the years my aim has been to enable people of all ages and ability levels to gain more effective work skills through engagement in well-sequenced action-based curricula. 

I maintain the strong conviction that mastering new skills can be one of the most empowering experiences for learners, and I am committed to finding innovative ways to create highly effective learning solutions.

I have a Doctorate in OT from Boston University, an MSW from Wurzweiler, an MA in Community Health from Brooklyn College, and a BA in OT from NYU.

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